By: Kaber

A good friend at work's best friend is in the Ohio National Guard. He's been in southern Iraq for the past month or so. Thursday at work my friend said he was shipping his friend a care pakage from home and showed me a Picture Kevin had e-mailed of himself in the desert. I got to thinking and wanted to send him something as well so with My friends help we built this guy. He's a 21st British head on a Joe body, He's wearing 21 Coffee stain BDU and a Hasbro web belt and m-16. I custom painted an OD green Kevlar helmet tan and brown. He has a action man laptop (On the OSU website) and a pair of Ken's sunglasses. Lastly he has a OSU Pennant as Kevin is a big OSU Football Fan!

We made the box. It's labled G.I. Joe (for brand recognition) and has personalized messages all over it. We used scale Desert Camo to cover the bare areas. I'm really proud of the project and I hope it brightens Kevin's day and lets him know people at home care about him. We are enclosing a letter asking for a Photo of the Figure in "Action" in Iraq! I'll send that along when we get it.

Thanks GL and to ALL out Men and Women in the military!

This is one heck of a great idea Kaber! I'm sure Kevin is really going to get a kick out of getting this figure. Special thanks for sending this inspiring project in and sharing it with us old friend. Sharp Salute! -- GL


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