Myrtle Beach Show, June 2008
By: Mattlocke

Here are some pics of the Myrtle Beach show put on by Bobby Dalto. He's raising money to build a 1/6th museum here in Myrtle Beach. The way bobby talks, the dioramas are gonna be huge. The D-Day scene you see in the picture will be 3 or 4 times as big. He will have Pacific scenes, Tarawa I believe he said he wanted, plus a huge Gettysburg diorama. Whens it's built it will be on my list to see when I go back to Myrtle Beach for vacation. The show had a lot of vendors, tons of WW2 equipment, if that's your thing lol. The show reenactors and a represenative from a local museum here in Myrtle Beach. The local news came by and filmed a segment for the 6 o'clock news. It was a fun show, my 7 year old daughter had a blast, she didn't want to leave.



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