By: One Shot

I survived the Weekend of Heores (My wallet did not have the same fate). As you will see in the photos to come, there was plenty to see. The custom figures on display were great to look at as usual. I ran into plenty of board members from GL's site. The show itself was a slight dissapointment at first glance.....until I re-focused my wants into looking for stuff I needed.

Atlantic toys was my one stop shop for loose gear. I made out with a huge bag of loose gear all WWII Pacific Theatre. Boots, boots w/ leggings, tan cloth web belts, M1 Carbines, Helmets, Duck Cammo helmet covers, Duck cammo uni's etc....I was in Pacific Theatre mode for sure.

I spoke at length with one of the Ignite distibuters who I asked why Ignite would not or could not put out uniform sets of their figure line. I mean the Spartan looks great on display with all those loose figures, but at 65.00 a pop who has the money to make a display like that right? So why not make the very same set minus the figure and you could offer it on card? He was very interested in that idea. Said he was going to call them and ask them about it. Since they were a distributer he could maybe ask for an exclusive. I can only dream of Ignite carded uni's.



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