By: One Shot

Once again Echobase Toys held yet another fun BBQ. They had the usual, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork, Pork Ribs and Smoked Chicken. There was plenty of food and lots of One Sixth figures on display. The turnout was pretty big. There were collectors arriving all day long.

The California sun was in full effect (not too hot though). I met a few new guys from the hobby, Broadshore, Curtis Reed, LG2 and USMC Chet were also there. We had a really good time talking shop. Curtis reed and Broadshore have some pretty cool looking modern bashes. The Star Wars figures belonged to a really cool collector (sorry I forgot his call sign). Sure wish the guys from GL's board could make the EBT BBQ's. I know guys like CK2 put on local shows in their area. until next time....One Shot out!

P.S. when I arrived back in San Diego after the EBT BBQ....I had to evacuate my home due to the SOCAL fires. All is well and I was able to come back home Tuesday evening. So far we are in the clear. Fingers crossed!



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