By: One Shot

Well Troops as you can see ol' One Shot was busy snapping pics at the latest EchoBase Toys meeting/BBQ. Nan and Tung hosted a really good meet. Those guys supplied the eats... and even made the Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for us. Awesome host to say the least! I gotta chance to chit chat figures with RC Foley and even Kruse Missile himself. Laughing Gravy 2 was there as well and is always a kick in the pants to talk 1/6th with! Me and LG2 (for short) are thinking/planning on a future dio scene to be set up at Toms Farms just past Lake Elsinore. (lets do it!). I wish all of you could experience the fun we all have getting together and talking about our hobby. 1/6th is truly a fun topic to talk about. this is the first part to my photo's, more to follow in part two of the EchoBase get together. One Shot out! (hope you guys enjoy.)

Johns pics below are from a OSW Board Member (one really cool guy to say the least). His Modern Troops were off the chains! This guy had a whole table full of weathered figures I'd kill for. I do have more of his figures to be shown later in the next batch of photo's. I am not sure of Johns call sign on the OSW Board, but he was one pretty cool customizer who shared the same fun for the hobby that Greenleaders Troops have for it.



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