By: One Shot

Well troops, the SanDASH boys had yet another get together. We had a pretty decent turnout of about 20 or so online troops who attended. Some troops in attendance were Flint, Loneagle, Flyingtiger62, Randyjoe (the meet host), Joezilla aka Big Lizard, Scott, Phil, SD Blueknight, Shaolin_Shamo and even GL Board regulars Wildferret and Plasticpanzers, not to mention yours truly, One Shot! As usual we had a great time showing our customs and setting up displays for fellow hobbyists to admire. Tim aka Plasticpanzers had two of his custom Hasbro vehicles on display. He has really put together some really nice vehicles, a couple of which Randy has in his garage (as you will see).

Tim came down from the inland empire along with a newbie named Scott (really great guy). Scott is the creator of the detailed half track that you will see. What a piece of work! Actual dirt was put on his custom in different places. Many of you may have already seen pics of it from Panzerwerks meet last month.

Between Plasticpanzers work and Scott's Custom, I was envious to say the least :) You will also see some of Wildferret's custom desert figures on a display table. Wildferret mounted one of the new Mini Guns on his SEAL Jeep. Me and Wildferret decided to set up our desert figures in Randy's garden area.

Ramon has done a great job dressing up his troops, and you know my figures STOCK to the bone. LOL! Wildferret is amazed at how easily I get all the figures to stand without falling down. I have plenty of practice is what I told him. WFSF meets One Shot's Brigade was our dio title. (WFSF: Wild Ferret's Special Forces) There was plenty of good deals amongst the troops, Andy Perez had a "Half off" sale towards the end of the meet. I took advantage and bought up a bunch old 21C Rucksacks and various guns and so forth. Shaolin_Shamo spent a lot on loose gear and sent a few of us home with some added cash in our pockets, thanks Jay!

Flint displayed his custom MEU figure, I displayed some BBI figures as well. I also made a kitbashed Villain using a DML Ron Watkins figure dressed in 21C gear utilizing the new Mini-Gun w/pack. (the hood is INTOYZ). All in all we had a great time visiting with fellow 1/6th hobbyists. And to think this is our 3RD year of getting together. It's kinda cool to think that we all met online and still get together and have some really cool 1/6th fun. Wish I could meet alot of GL's troops as well.

There are also a couple of pictures with me and Plasticpanzers posing with one of his customs, another of Wildferret and myself posing with our desert troops. P.S. I even won a door prize given by our host Randy. Doesn't get much better. -- One Shot



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