By: One Shot

The sandash stands for San Diego Action Scale Hobbyists. We try and get together monthly to trade and talk about all things in the 1/6th scale world. As you can see by the following pictures...we have a good time getting together. We bring Kitbashes as well as stuff to trade or sell. This meet I brought a CY Girl and Scar to sell as well a a few of the new Intoyz Gatling Gun sets...didn't go home with a thing! This meet "All Mighty" from the board made his first appearance. Some of the fellow board members were there also. Flint, Shaolin_shamo, Walter and a few others who are familiar with GL's Board. Just wanted to share our fun times with you fellow troops from the message board. One Shot out!

FlyingTiger62 displayed some of his new joe aquisitions.

Lone Eagle's PBR ( w/ working motor)

Shaolin_shamo's Vinny headsulpt dyed Blond.

Andy Perez displayed a few of his dragon figures.

All Mighty Displayed his Mike Force/ SF Figures.

A shot of All Mighty, Flint and One Shot (Filipines Elite Force)

FlyingTiger62 showing the big bucks it takes to purchase the SGT.Rock figure.

One Shot winning yet another raffle from Randy Burks



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