BURBANK, CA, 6/13/04
By: One Shot

Hey troops, gotta chance to meet one of our fellow board members and chit chat for a while. RCFOLEY introduced himself when he stopped by my booth. We chatted about the hobby for a while. A short while later (no pun intended Armond ) but Laughingravy2 showed up for a picture as well. He told me about his VA. trip as part of the world's largest diorama setup that took place recently. All in all it was a pretty slow day, but it turned out to be a pretty cool Sunday afternoon. Echobasetoys, War-Toys and Murray (formerly of toysyndicate.com) were all there as well as many others. here is a few pics from the show...enjoy troops! -- One Shot out!
(I've really got to make the trip up to Laughingravy's place one of these days to "play joes".)

Some custom 1/6th figures.

One Shot with RC Foley

One Shot with Laughinggravy 2

A man and his joes! (does it get any better?)


Deals Deals Deals...what can i get for 10 bucks?

Some really nice pics here again One Shot! Personally, I can't think of a better way to spend a day than with your 1/6th friends. Boy, I sure wish I could have gone so I would have got a chance to dig around in those bins. A "kid in a candy store" kinda thing, you know? :) It definitely looked fun. Special thanks for sending these cool highlight shots in and sharing them with us old friend. - GL


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