JUNE 22, 2003
By: One Shot

GL and Fellow Board Members,
Although I have kinda put my hobby on the back burner for the time being, I did attend the Weekend Of Heroes show on sunday 6-22 and took some photos to share with you guys. I did get a chance to meet a few troops that I have known from various boards. Graeylin was helping out at Monkey Depots site and I introduced myself. Monkey Depot has some new T-shirts that look really cool! Plastic Panzers along with Panzerwerks were in attendance...those guys do some incredible work.

Some custom wall displays by a fellow collector (mickey mack?) who was sharing a booth with Minuteman. Of course Minuteman had his great kitbashes in full effect. (a 1/6 th future Hall of Famer for sure). He had his Arnold customs and various figures on display.

One Shot, Minuteman and Flint pose for the camera at Minuteman's booth.

Minuteman's custom Dirt Bikes.

Who wouldn't want this Arnold Terminator Custom? (Minuteman's customs)

I almost walked away with this at the end of the show....almost being the key word! What Nam pics I could do if I had this set up.



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