JUNE 22, 2003
By: One Shot

Well troops all I can say is that all of your fellow 1/6th hobbyists had plenty of fun. Plenty of 12 inch figures to satisfy all the hungry attendees... myself being one of them. Monkey Depot, War-Toys (who had an all day 50% off sale on Sunday), Diorama Dreams, Echobase Toys are only a few of the vendors who had plenty to choose from. The fully detailed Sherman tank you see below is actually fully remote controlled. It has a wheelchair motor ($400) speaker system ($300) that sounds so real! It fully rotates and weighs in about 120 LBS. The owner had that thing moving all over the place. ready for the costs? $7,000 and counting. no lie!

I was really hoping to score the Platoon set for a great price... and thought hard about getting the BBI Halo Set for $99.00... then my dad showed up and slid me and my brother a 100 dollar bill each.... so I debated and waited and ended up buying all three DML Windtalker figures for $70.00.

Well troops I hoped you enjoyed my little piece of the show. It might be a while until you hear from me... who knows? But these pics were taken specifically for GL and his board members. One Shot out!



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