BURBANK CA. 7/8/01
By: One Shot

One Shot and Flint finally made it to the show despite having to pull over off the side of the freeway because three cases of 21C figures had fallen off the top of our SUV.

We had the chance to meet many of our fellow board members at the show. Minuteman was there at his booth...Kumusta Pare? Man can that guy do a custom fig the right way! Tommy Gunn and Eagle 25_82 made it as well. I ended up buying that PBR that I've shown in some of our SANDASH meeting photo's, later the next day I ordered his new custom Helo. As you can see it was a great time. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon sitting around thousands of 12in. figures....unless of course you're out taking pictures of them...well maybe for me at least! LOL.

Hope you fellow troops enjoy the pics. One Shot out!

Despite losing quite a few figures in a horrible car accident (3 cases fell off a SUV on our way up to the show) One Shot was still able to muster up a smile!

Flint and Minuteman meet for the first time. fellow Pinoys! really cool getting to meet up with our fellow boardmembers of this site.

Tim AKA PlasticPanzer and his lovely wife Sharon, they were sharing a booth courtesy of Panzerworks. Tim does all that custom work...awesome stuff Tim!

A custom figure from the brother of Randy Burks who was at the show as well.

The booth of War-Toys.com , they had plenty of good deals going on...they had the new 21C boxed Mt. Ops for 20 bucks each!

Major Midnite's customs.... I almost...almost bought a few pieces, but the wife already had to deal with the PBR I bought! :)

Flint behind the scenes of our booth.


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