European Ultimate Soldier Knockoffs

By: Vader & Sohn Hobbyteam

Four years ago we bought in a toy store (Iraklion/Crete) our first two "Ultimate Soldier". These two dolls were the beginning of our collection! Today we know, these were forgeries! This year we were again on Crete! And our yield was plentiful!

3 "Ultimate Soldier", 1 "Americas Finest" and 2 "GI-Joe" plagiarisms!
Look at the dolls, a little closer!

First the box: At first sight "Ultimate Soldier", but with a closer look...

How does the logo look there?-Funny or?

And who is or what is, actually, "TWIN-STARS"?

It becomes even funnier at the back of the box!
No comment needed, see for yourself!

Now to the doll and equipment:
At first that looks not so bad at all.

The poor guy has probably waited very long in the shelf.
(The chemical tenderizer probably leaves the material!)

The most interesting one are, however, the screws in arms and legs!
Thus one can use these dolls also as a spare part donor.

Design and quality do not correspond to today's standards!
As a spare part donor or background actor on photos suitably!
But a price of just 7.- euros makes easy the purchase.

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Very cool photo set here my friends! Pretty funny seeing those Ultimate Soldier knockoffs. Definitely a great scrapbook addition! Special thanks for sending it in and sharing it with us. Sharp Salute! - GL


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