Bootleg Ultimate Soldier
By: Medic

This is one of the soldiers from the Cheaper Than Dirt catalog, and it's a bootleg 21st figure.

Back of the box.

The cardboard tray out of the box.

The figure is a copy of an original SAM.

Back of figure, the chest is held together with screws.

The LBE is made out of wider ribbon straps (like on the 'nam buttpack) and fabric similar to the type 21st used on 'nam uniforms.

The BDUs are made out of the same fabric SOTW uses.

The BDU shirt.

The M16 pouches, canteens and buttpack are the same as 21st, only they are darker.

The CAR-15/M203 is warped and lacks much detail.

His gear is basically the same, although they used glossy paint.

The strobe pouch has no attachment devices whatsoever.

The figure


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