By: Skidog

Skidog here from Iraq! I've got a picture of my truck crew and me and also one of me before heading out on one of my sniper missions. Thought that some of the guys would like to see what the New York Army National Guard (Infantry) looks like over here. I'm trying to get my wife to send over some guys for a "real" photo shoot, but it might have to wait until I come back from leave in November.

I'm the one on the left with the M-4 and M-14. And the crew from left to right: Me, Spec. Blowers (driver), Spc. Gosselin (AG), and in the turret Spc. Hanson (Gunner)

It's good to see some pictures of you and the guys Skidog. At least you men are looking good, even in the harsh living conditions. We'll all be keeping you in our thoughts until you return old buddy. Stay safe and thanks for sending these great photos in and sharing them with us. - GL


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