By: GreenLeader

Without a doubt, Sideshow Toys has delivered the most highly articulated 12" action figure on the market today. In my opinion, the most accurately proportioned figure as well. Even though it resembles the Dragon Model's figures and the Super Soldier, these new Spinal Tap figures have some nifty new features added. Of course it has all the standard points of articulation that your better figures have as well; such as cut-out chest area so the arms can fold across the chest, upper torso joint, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, large hip joint cut-outs for better kneeling poses, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, and ankle swivel. The plastic this figure is made of is one of the lightest skin tones I've seen on the market, much paler than the Ultimate Soldier figures. The plastic that the figure is made from is a bit more durable than Dragon but less durable than the Ultimate Soldier.

The one drawback to this figure is its waist joint. For some reason it is very very loose. It's so loose it seems like there is a piece missing or something. This gives each one of the Spinal Tap figures a very "rag-dollish" feel to them.

One of the nifty additions that Sideshow has added is a completely new and ingenius wrist joint. There is a joint that allows it to go up and down, but then a ball joint into the hand allows it to swivel. The hand will also swivel at the forearm. This allows the wrist to bend at many more angles than what standard action figures allow. As you can see here, a rifleman pose would be very easy for this guy to master.

A close up of how the wrist ball joint fits into the hand, and of the rest of the joints in the arm.

Another unique feature to this figure is a foot with jointed toes.

The foot goes up and down on a joint, but also is attached to a ball that allows it to swivel. Also there is an ankle swivel as well.

And the last unique feature of this figure is the head and neck assembly. Although the head moves on a ball joint similar to Dragon & Ultimate Soldier figures there is a bit of design difference. The first difference is that the neck is sculpted longer so the head can tilt further backwards. The other is the fact that the headsculpt isn't attached to the neck as with standard figures. Sideshow managed to come up with a real nice design here. The neck actually fits up into the skull part of the head right under the jawline which allows it to swivel back & forth. And the neck also will swivel the head. The hair is made of soft rubber and is glued to the figure's head sculpt. I suppose the hair could probably be removed even though I haven't done that myself.


(In 1/6 scale of course!)


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