By: Wildcard


Using a fabric that resembles burlap or canvas cut into 4 1/2 inch wide strips. The length doesn't matter, three feet or so. Pin edges together to form a long tube. Sew edges together. You should have a hem of 1/4 inch. Mark every 4 1/4 inches and sew across tube. Cut tube about a 1/4 inch short of the seam. You should end up with a bunch of bags folded on one side and sew on two with the top open. Turn inside out. Fill with sand, putty, or bird seed like I did. Gather open top and wrap twice with 30 gauge wire and twist ends with pliers to seal bag. Push wire ends into bag to keep from being poked. End product is 2 inch by 4 inch sand bag.

Outstanding work Wildcard! Special thanks for sharing your skills with all of us. Sharp Salute! -- GL


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