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by: Minuteman

Beginning with the Heckler & Koch MP5/40 conversion. I used a TUS MP5 Navy w/ flashlight. I cut out the flashlight and drilled a hole in the forend. I attached a Dragon Det. Chowís surefire light. Added a vinyl piece for the pressure pad. On the other side, I glued a small round vinyl for the laser switch. I cut the tip of the superglue case for the laser and attached it to the dust cover which is above the barrel. I dubbed a good amount of red paint inside for the red diode. Cut the butt of the rifle and reglued it at an angle, but to make it more stable I drilled holes on the butt where the slide comes in contact with, this way it still retracts. I removed the selector switch and repositioned it to the full auto mode. Note: all TUS MP5 versions have their selector switches to the safe position. Using a black vinyl, I rolled a piece then glued it together and cut the 5 prong flash hider (Gemtech quick release system which uses the 3 lugs on the barrel). I made another one, but this is the H&K thread on flash hider. I used the M16 suppressor by putting putty inside to adapt to the MP5ís smaller barrel. All are detachable. I used plumberís putty for the magazine, and painted it to carefully simmulate clear see-thru plastic mags. Well, I tried. Shaved the flange around the magazine well. I drilled a hole on the bottom of the pistol grip. Note: the early model MP5ís used steel receivers with a removable grip, and the later model receivers are polymer plastics with a hollow handle - TUS are later model SMGs.

Used putty again for the B-square scope mount using the real thing for reference . I used drinking straws for the scope. I hate cutting up a perfectly good weapon or binocular. I cut two round clear plastics for the lenses and taped it to both ends. *Do not use superglue as the vapors will leave a foggy appearance on the lenses. With a larger sized straw, I covered the taped areas on both ends. Painted the red dot. The battery case/ sight adjustment controls are made from putty, and connected with a string. Painted the entire weapon being careful not to dry brush the polymer receiver and forend, and wala, you have an MP5/ 40 caliber conversion with working see-thru red dot.

A very sharp salute to Minuteman for sharing this awesome information with us!

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