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Here are the instructions to convert the binoculars into a "night" scope. Materials used: Exacto knife, small file, hobbyist sandpaper, super glue or contact cement.
1.) Cut the binoculars in half (through the adjustment knobs). This cut part will be the bottom of the scope.
2.) Using exacto knife, shave at the bottom so the adjustment knobs are cut off. There should still be some meat left under the main body of the scope. You will need to shape the mount.
3.) Shaving from the "eye" end, angle the blade so you take more off at the eye end. Using several shave, you should end up with a slope from the eyepiece which raises toward the bigger lens end. This is sloped because of the handle on the M16 slopes downwards from the stock to the barrel.
4.) Sand of file the bottom to give it a smooth finish. I gently sanded the top of handle on the M16 for better glue contact. Cut the strap loop off the top, and sand the excess off.
5.) I used contact cement because super glue likes to make white spots on the material. Just follow SOP for whatever glue you use. Make sure the eyepiece sticks out a little past the end of handle. You can tell on my pic that I didn't leave enough.
6.) With the other half, I left the strap loop on and rounded the base to the contours of the main body (no slopes). Now I have a monocular. I prefer the night vision monocular.
This is nothing fancy, and there really isn't a lot of detail, but I had extra binoculars and an M16 to use. I'm sure the S.W.A.T. sniper rifle will be awesome.
Click HERE to see photo of the finished conversion.

Scrape the lead off a pencil with an Exacto knife, and use your finger to rub the powdered lead over the metal parts of a rifle. This gives the rifle a more used and worn look. I've done this to the AK47 with awesome results, but I'm not sure how it would look on the lighter colored M16's.

Hey everybody, I've got what I think is a pretty neat customizing tip. I've been looking for a way to make a scope for my Colt's & other rifles. I checked out the tips section at the home base and found Napalm in the A.M.'s tip w/the binocs. But I wanted something a little different, so I put my pen to work when there it was at the end of my pen. Just what I was looking for. I took the cap and put it on top of the colt, perfect size. Now for the customizing, take one pen cap from a Bic round stic,one US flashlight, one US binoc, and 2 1/16 nylon cable ties. Cut the red lens portion of the flashlight at the elbow,cut the back end from same insert lens into big end of cap glue end cap to other side of cap, trim eye piece from binoc glue to end piece of lite, trim off pocket clip and glue to bottom thin side towards rear of scope this should fit perfect in the groove on top of mount. take ties around and thru mount at each end trim excess from ties. All this done in 15 minutes. I wish I had a picture to show but can't get my scanner to work right. Just put a pen cap on top of your rifles and see for yourself. Just imagine all the little household items lying around we can use if we just look. Hope this works for you.

If you want to make your WWII weapons look a little bit more realistic then you need to replace the rifle slings. In WWII they were leather. Cut yourself some leather strips about 1/8th inch wide, take the O-rings and buckle from your original elastic and in the same pattern that the elastic was laced through the buckles and the O-rings, do that with the leather strip. And if you don't have any leather strips handy, well remember Rio Rondo sells them. You can find that link on the customizer links page.

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Here are some reference material to use in customizing your Japanese Arisaka Rifles. Included here is a cut down 44 inch version and the April, 1945 auto version with banana clip.

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