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  • Uniforms:

    Well since uniforms are mostly designed for the type of terrain coverage they're used for, there are no modifiers to this gear piece. Of course, if your guy is wearing bright red standing in a field of green, you would have a -1 to his toughness. Hopefully you won't need to use this unless you're fighting wars previous to 1900. Uniforms are made of lightweight battle ready material supplied by their superiors so uniforms cost nothing.

  • Rucksacks:

    The rucksack costs 5 points due to the fact that you can carry more ammo in there without hindering your abillities on movement. I am aware of the fact that the ruck would be a hinderance in movement on long distances but since we're talking about relatively short range battles here, it doesn't seem the ruck would slow you down in this situation. Not enough to actually put a modifier on it anyway.

  • Body Armor:

    Soldiers to help their toughness score when defending against attacks can use a flak vest. It gives you the ability to subtract 2 points from your enemy's attack roll, thus giving you extra protection. Of course, since body armor doesn't cover your whole body, there still is a chance that you will take wounds. Body armor costs 20 points.

  • Pouches:

    Since there are lots of different types of pouches, to make it simple we'll say that all pouches carry 2 clips (30 rounds) and cost 5 points per pouch. Your solider can carry four of these without hindering his movement abilities.

  • Canteens:

    Since your soldier needs water in the field but canteens really don't come into play in this game, we'll let canteens cost nothing. But your soldier can only have four of these on him without hindering his movement by -1.

  • Knife:

    The knife, being your main hand to hand weapon typically, has no range but it does provide a hand to hand attack bonus of +1. Knives cost 5 points.

  • Pistol:

    Pistols cost 10 points. The expense is justified for this reason: even though the pistol can be used as a ranged weapon and doesn't have any attacking modifiers associated with it, in hand to hand a pistol would definitly be a weapon to be feared by your enemy. A pistol gets a whopping +3 to hand to hand attacks. Pistols have a maximum range of 6 feet and one shot per turn. Pistols come with 10 shots per clip. Extra pistols magazines may be bought for 5 points for 2 clips.

  • Rifle:

    To make this simple, this category will include ALL rifles. This would include everything from the musket to the M16 even though I understand the rate of fire is higher in the M16. I understand some of you will want to design your own rules for this category to make it more accurate and precise, so feel free. Rifles have a maximum range of 20 feet and only have one shot per turn. Rifles can also be used as a club to bash your enemy over the head with in hand to hand combat, which gives it a +1 to your hand to hand attack. Rifles cost 10 points and have no ranged attack bonus.

  • Machine Guns:

    This refers to any weapon that fires in full automatic. Anything from the Thompson to your most recent automatic machine guns. Machine guns however only have a range of 10 feet (half that of the rifle). Their ability to fire more bullets in one shot gives them a whopping +3 to their attack bonus. Machine guns cost 15 points.

  • Grenades:

    Grenades are so small they have no movement penalties for the soldier that is carrying them. They have no attack bonuses either. The grenade can be thrown up to 6 feet and has a large blast range of 3 feet. Grenades cost 5 points each. When using grenades in combat, you must use the "thrown weapon" statistic.

  • Bazookas:

    The bazooka is a very large weapon used mostly for destroying vehicles and it is definitely going to hinder your movement to carry it. Any soldier carrying a bazooka has a movement rate of -1 to his standard movement score. When using a bazooka you use your thrown weapon statistic. When the bazooka is used against troops, it acts basically just like a standard grenade; but when shooting at a vehicle you roll two 6 sided dice and that is your damage inflicted upon the vehicle's toughness. Since the highest vehicle toughness is 12 (a tank), it is possible to knock one out with one shot. A bazooka has a range of 10 feet and a +7 toward vehicles only. When firing at regular soldiers it is considered to be a grenade and has no attack bonuses. You must use the thrown weapons statistic when using a bazooka. A bazooka costs 30 points and comes with 1 bazooka round. Extra bazooka rounds can be bought at a cost of 10 points each.

  • Mortars:

    Mortars have a maximum range of 20 feet and a 3 foot circular blast area when they hit. When firing a mortar against troops you simply just determine this like you do throwing a grenade. It's just that the mortar has a longer range. Being a very heavy weapon, any soldier carrying a mortar can only move a maximum of one foot per turn. Mortars also have the capability of firing at vehicles at a +4. Mortars cost 40 points and come with 4 shells. Extra shells can be bought in packs of 4 for 20 points per pack.

  • Jeeps:

    Jeeps are your basic workhorses on the field. They include everything from the Willys to the modern Hummer. They are unique because they have fast movement and are able to mount guns and carry troops. Jeeps have a maximum movement of 12 feet per turn. The Jeep has a toughness of 7 and can carry as many troops as reasonably fit in it. Jeeps cost 75 points.

  • Motorcycles:

    You can also use motorcycles in this game. They have the same movement rate as the Jeep of 12, but only a toughness of 4. Of course, when attacking motorcycles, it's much easier to just shoot the rider. Motorcycles cost 40 points.

  • Armored Personnel Carrier:

    This includes stuff like Halftracks, Landing crafts and so forth. They have a movement of 9 feet per turn and have a toughness of 10. Armored Personnel Carrier's cost 100 points. APC's can carry as many figures as will reasonably fit.

  • Tanks:

    The most devastating weapon on the battlefield. It can attack vehicles and troops. When attacking troops you use your ranged weapons statistic and then basically everything else is like a grenade attack. Tanks have a +8 when attacking other vehicles and a +2 when attacking troops. Tanks move fairly slowly (at least the ones in this game), and have a movement of 6. Tanks are very tough though, so their toughness score is a whopping 12. Tanks cost 200 points. The cost of the tank does not include the crew.

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