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War Gaming for 1/6th Scale Soldiers

Ok troops, here's a little battle game that you can play with your Ultimate Soldiers. My buddies and I used to play this several years ago and I thought it was really fun. Basically we took the rules from several war games that were on the market at the time, so this is not an original game in that sense. So I wouldn't advise anyone trying to copyright this for that reason. We tried to keep it simple for ease of play, but of course if anyone out there needs more details, the game is set up to making more advance rules possible. Just use your imagination.

This game has been set up for two players but you can easily add more if you wanted to. You can probably even play it yourself. The game design was set up for small skirmish type battles, but I'm sure the rules could be expanded for even major battles. It takes a while to play though, so I would suggest anywhere from 5 to 20 Ultimate Soldiers per side. I'm sure if you want to do some backyard war gaming though, all the rules here should get you started in another exciting aspect of your hobby. Without further delay, let's move out! -- GreenLeader

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