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  • The first thing you will need is a backyard battlefield or something similar. Even though you can play this game in a relatively small area, the larger the area for movement you have, the better.

  • The next thing you will need is your Sams. The number you use on each side is up to you. Just keep in mind the more soldiers you use, the longer the game takes to play.

  • You will also need some string. Typically what is used is a piece 20 feet long (which is maximum weapon range). You will use this string to measure your ranges and movement. And I know some of you are asking, why not just use a measuring tape? While that is possible, it is a little cumbersome to use.

    For example, say you wanted to move from one point to the next with your soldier, and there was an obstacle in the way; to get where he is going he has to move around the object. The string will allow you to bend your movement measurement to go around the object, which would be much harder for a semi-flexible measuring tape.

  • The next thing you will need is some kind of string markers. These are used to measure your various movement and weapon ranges on your piece of string. Usually in the past, I've just used white surgical tape folded over around the string making sort of a tag look. Then on the tag, with a permanent magic marker, you can write the tag name. Of course, you can use a variety of things for this, but I feel the tape works better, because you can actually write on it. This makes it easier to remember what the tags mean. What you do is measure off each of your ranges and movement stats with a tape measure and simply put a piece of tape around the string and write what that tag means.

  • Also you will need a pencil with an eraser for each person playing.

  • Each player will also need a rules sheet for reference. Of course, when everybody has memorized the rules you probably won't need to use these anymore.

  • Also you will need a soldier sheet for each figure in your squad. These will list his weapons and gear; all the stats on that individual soldier that you will need.

  • You will need at least two 6-sided dice per player. (Unless you can share).

  • Lastly, you will need some kind of terrain pieces, if you want to make your game interesting. I mean, a whole bunch of soldiers battling in an open field wouldn't last that long. You can use almost anything for terrain that you want: vehicles, dig trenches or foxholes, use pieces of wood, boxes, anything. Of course, you do not have to use terrain pieces, but it sure makes the game a lot more interesting.

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