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PHOTO 1: Here's our first photo by Rob Sorrels. It's a great shot of 21st Century's L.R.R.P. Check it out, it's cool. Maybe it will inspire you. Be sure to visit his homepage to see more of his customized figures. Thanks again, Rob, great work!

PHOTO 2: Here's three artsy photos of 21st Century's Modern Army Ranger. I really like them. Special thanks to Vincent for submitting these great shots.

PHOTO 3: Here's one great shot of the M998 Troop Carrier sent to us by Lightening 6. Be sure to visit his page to see some of his other great photos. Great job, soldier.

PHOTO 4: Here are three photos of the KB Exclusive Army Ranger submitted by Groundpounder. I know you'll enjoy them.

PHOTO 5: Groundpounder gives us one more great shot, this time of the Modern U.S. Army Ranger deep in the jungle.

PHOTO 6: These are some great shots of the U.S. Army Ranger out in the field this time submitted to us by Napalm in the A.M. These are four terrific photos. Great work soldier!

PHOTO 7: Here is a great shot submitted by King of Battle of his two Ultimate Soldiers in Vietnam. Hopefully, he'll send us some more. Thanks for the great work, soldier!

PHOTO 8: Puppetmaster sends us two great shots of his Sams on patrol taken with his new digital camera. Really cool.

PHOTO 9: Lightning 6 sends us another one for our viewing pleasure. I know you're going to love this one of G.I. Jane.

PHOTO 10: Ok men, are you ready for this? LT. Sends us in a bunch of great pictures. Here is the first set, which includes 3 photos of the Modern Army Ranger in the field.

PHOTO 11: This only gets better. This next set includes 5 pictures of the LT's Ultimate Soldiers in Vietnam. Great work, soldier!

PHOTO 12: Lastly, here is one more photo just for fun, submitted to us by LT. Thanks, soldier for your great contribution. These are all great photos.

PHOTO 13: Ok, troops, get ready for some great pictures, submitted to us by Captain Fisher. The first set consists of two photos of some L.R.R.P.s in action.

PHOTO 14: Here's two more by the good Captain of some U.S. Navy SEALS. Personally, these are my favs.

PHOTO 15: And lastly, Captain Fisher sends us in two more of one of his teams in Vietnam. I know you're going to love these. Thanks, Captain, again for submitting them. They're really terrific

PHOTO 16: Here are two terrific photos submitted by Blackhawk7 of his troopers in the field on recon. patrol. Great work, soldier! Thanks again. I'm sure we'll all enjoy them.

PHOTO 17: Lt sends us in a photo of his three customized Ultimate Soldiers, the M-203 Grenadier, U.S. Marine Saigon Tet Offensive, and the Tanker, U.S. Army. Really great work, soldier.

PHOTO 18: And once again, Lighting 6 sends us in some of his terrific photos. This time, it's some of his U.S.D.O.C. troopers in the motor pool. Great work, soldier.

PHOTO 19: Here finally troops, are a couple pictures by me. It's one of my SpecOps guys getting into a little mischief.

PHOTO 20: Specialist Riker sends us six great photos of his troops on cold weather training. Good job on taking advantage of your bad weather and turning it into a great training opportunity for your men. Terrific work, soldier!

PHOTO 21: Ok troops, here we go again! The good Captain submits us two great shots of some snakeeaters & hooahs, check them out, you won't regret it!

PHOTO 22: Here's one more by the Captain of his customized Delta Operator. Great work, Captain. I love this guy.

PHOTO 23: Cpt. J.C. Williams submits us a photo of his custom sniper uniform Be sure to check some of his other custom work on his new site. Fine work soldier!

PHOTO 24: Here we go again, troops. You're going to love Captain Fisher's new submissions. The first set is three shots of some U.S. Army Rangers. Wow!

PHOTO 25: Captain Fisher's second set of photos includes three awesome shots of U.S. Navy SEALS in action. They just keep getting better all the time! Thanks again Captain for all the great work.

PHOTO 26: Coolness and inspiration, it's all here troops, in Captain Fisher's latest submitted photos set. Four pictures of some U.S. Army Rangers under fire. Great work Captain!

PHOTO 27: Ok troops, here's a few more from Green Leader. It was my first opportunity to use Dragon Model's Hans in a photo shoot. I hope you like him. I do!

PHOTO 28: And here's a couple more by me of a Vietnam grunt posing for the camera.

PHOTO 29: Puppet Master is back troops, with more of his Sams on patrol. Check out those camo faces -- Awesome!

PHOTO 30: EW2 submits us some in home shots of his Joes and Sams in various gear. I'm sure you'll all like what he's done here. Fine work, soldier!

PHOTO 31: Puppet Master submits us four great shots of his Stinger team in action. More shots of those great camo faces too! Thanks to Puppet Master for letting us have a look at them. Great work!

PHOTO 32: Cpt. J.C. Williams submits us two photos of his custom unit, The Renegades. Remember to visit his site, it's been newly updated. Thanks again, Cpt. Williams for submitting them.

PHOTO 33: BUZZ sends us in two great shots of his Vietnam medics in action. Terrific work, BUZZ. Way to go!

PHOTO 34: BUZZ sends us in a couple more great shots for us to view troops, this time of some marines in 'Nam. I'm sure you'll enjoy them, I know I did.

PHOTO 35: Ok troops, here's three more from the Captain of that camo customized MUTT that he's been speaking of. You won't believe your eyes, too cool for words! Thanks to Captain Fisher for submitting them.

PHOTO 36: Well here's two more by Captain Fisher. This time, a custom Schwimmwagen. I'm completely blown away! Many thanks to the good Captain for these.

PHOTO 37: Well troops, here's a few terrific shots from Major H. of his AWESOME guille suit. I love that thing! Check out that Sam face too. Special thanks to Major H. for submitting them. Terrific work, soldier!

PHOTO 38: Ok, I told you he wasn't done yet. Here's two more by Captain Fisher of a kitbashed Ranger in Grenada. Awesome shots!!

PHOTO 39: And here's three more by the Captain of a kitbashed French Foreign Legion soldier. I love this guy! Check him out, you won't regret it. And thanks again Captain for submitting them. Great work soldier!

PHOTO 40: Here's three great photos by Napalm in the A.M. Man, I'm just gonna have to try that head shave thing soon. Check out that cool headset too! You're going to love these photos, troops! Special thanks to Napalm for the awesome work! Thanks soldier.

PHOTO 41: Here's a couple cool shots of a customzied M998 troop carrier submitted to us by Grant1. Check it out, it's really cool!

PHOTO 42: Here's a single shot of a Ranger getting in a little trouble while repelling submitted to us by Junkyard. Thanks for sending it in soldier!

PHOTO 43: Ok troops, Captain Fisher sends us in a couple more shots of those cool Special Ops guys of his with the camo faces. They're just posing for the camera, but these photos are too cool!

PHOTO 44: Here's a couple more of the Captain's shots. This time some Vietnam grunts and an awesome photographer figure. Outstanding!

PHOTO 45: And finally here's four more shots of the Captain's modern Navy SEAL Night Ops soldiers. He has definitely out done his last shots of these guys. Thanks for submitting all of these Captain. As usual, great work!

PHOTO 46: Well troops, here's four more cool shots by Napalm in the A.M. This time a Special Forces team in Vietnam. Really cool! Check them out.

PHOTO 47: Ok troops, Junkyard sends two more shots shot. This time some Sams getting the better of some Joes. Thanks Junkyard for submitting them.

PHOTO 48: Well troops, we're being graced one more time by the good Captain and his photos. This time nine really awesome shots of some modern Rangers in the field. It just gets better all the time. Do I really need to say more? Check them out! Special thanks to Captain Fisher for submitting them.

PHOTO 49: Here's another one by Junkyard, troops. A nice single shot of some modern Navy SEALS crossing a shallow river. Cool shot! Special thanks to Junkyard for submitting it.

PHOTO 50: Ok troops, Checkmate King 2 sends us a BUNCH of cool photos for us to enjoy! I don't really want to give the plot away, just go check them out! You won't regret it. Check out those neat accessories too! Special thanks to Checkmate King 2 for letting us have them.