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PHOTO 351: Ok troops, here's a few photos by me, ol' GreenLeader again. This time 15 shots of the 21st Century gray Kettenkrad with the new Ultimate Super Soldier body Infantrymen and a Dragon figure officer.

PHOTO 352: Well troops, here's a few more by me, ol' GreenLeader. This time a big 22 shot photo set of some WWII German, British, and American Paratroopers wrapped up in a little story for you entitled "Somewhere in Holland..."

PHOTO 353: Here's a humorous photo shoot dedicated to all you troopers out there who are in school and know about finals, submitted by LT. Great stuff, be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 354: Here's three great shots sent in by Checkmate King 2 of the Misfit's Jerry Only after being inducted into military service. Cool!

PHOTO 355: Here's three cool shots sent in by new recruit, El Merce of his Sams customizing their troop carrier. Very nice work!

PHOTO 356: Ok troops, here we get more cool pictures of Buzz's Firebase Shadow, circa 1968. You definately won't want to miss these 9 great shots!

PHOTO 357: Groundpounder is back troops! This time with three great shots of a very cool Vietnam era SOG. Be sure to click to check them out!

PHOTO 358: Here's 13 great shots of Gumbo's modern team, Big Duke Six. Lots of cool looking troopers here for sure, and lots of cool customized gear pieces. So be sure to check this awesome photo set out!

PHOTO 359: Here's two cools shots submitted to us by Firefighter of two of his 101st Airborne Division squads. One of WWII Pathfinders and one of a Vietnam Tracker team on display. Great stuff!

PHOTO 360: Here's four great shots submitted to us by Solid Saber of some WWII era German Paratroopers entitled "On the way to the Aid Station". Very nice work!

PHOTO 361: Here's a very nice photo shoot submitted by Stealth the Sniper of his modern troops out in the fields sniffing out the Drug Cartel. Be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 362: Here's another outstanding photo shoot from OpFor Duck of his modern SEALS on a rescue mission. A definate must see!

PHOTO 363: Here's 8 great shots sent in by Exodious of his Vietnam SEAL team after being inserted for a mission. Very cool stuff so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 364: Here's 17 great shots sent in by our old friend, Cobra 36. For his first submission, he gives us a bunch of great multi brand kitbashed soldiers, and even a few customized weapons thrown in. Very sharp!

PHOTO 365: Here's 8 cool shots sent in by our old friend Major Rock; 4 of his painted SWAT troop carrier and 4 of his Little Bird with Pilot. Very nice stuff!

PHOTO 366: Here's another cool photo submission by one of our younger recruits, Lt. Dan, of his Cold Weather troopers taking out some neo-nazis, entitled "Alaskan Takedown". He even throws in some special effects for us!

PHOTO 367: Another great single shot by Lt. Dan, this one entitled "Souveniers". A very nice WWII photo for sure!

PHOTO 368: Another one of our younger recruits, SWAT Guy, sends in a group shot of his collection for us to see.

PHOTO 369: In this very cool photo shoot, Madman customizes the 21st Century Misfits figures from punk rockers to military guys. You won't want to miss this GSG9 and Special Forces Operator. Great stuff!

PHOTO 370: Ok troops, here's a great photo shoot sent in by Poacher. He got busy this past weekend with a little project and came up with a custom blown building for his troops. No text on how he does it, but he gives you pictures of several of the stages from beginning to end. A must see!

PHOTO 371: Well guys, Minuteman is back with another one of those super-customized soldiers! This time you get his Russian Airborne Spetsnaz commissioned officer, comrade Sub-Lt. Sergei Vasil. This is definitely one outstanding custom figure that you won't want to miss.

PHOTO 372: Four more terrific WWII era customized soldiers sent in by Captain Fisher. Awesome!! What more can I say?! So be sure to check out this Airborne Medic, Airborne Rifleman, BAR Gunner & German soldier.

PHOTO 373: Ok troops, your favorite Seabee, Checkmate King 2 is back again with the start of a terrific WWII photo story. Definately a must see!

PHOTO 374: Here's a huge WWII 35 photo set submitted to us by Junkyard and his dad. A complete 1/6th scale European village and an awesome battle to go with it. Definately some of the finest work I've seen.

PHOTO 375: Here's a terrific WWII photo story submitted by BAR entitled 'Get me to the church on time'. Yep, that's right! A 1/6th scale European church! Simply Awesome! 'Nuff said!

PHOTO 376: Here's some more terrific shots of some SEALs in action sent in by OpFor Duck. He even throws in a few cool enemy mercs as well. So be sure to check these great photos out!

PHOTO 377: Here's a great photo set by One Shot. He gives us a sneak peek at the new M1025 vehicle. Very cool!

PHOTO 378: Here's a real cool photo set submission sent in by Deports of his police officers trying to foil a mugger's plans. You definately won't want to miss this! Cool stuff!

PHOTO 379: Here's a very tough photo shoot sent in by C. Martin of his customized Sam as the comic book here, The Punisher. It's just the first segment of an ongoing story, all done in Comic Book style. Be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 380: Here's a terrific photo set submitted by one of our Australian troops, SWAT 1. He gives us 12 great shots of his customized SWAT HUMVEE. You won't want to miss all the great details he's added. Very very cool!

PHOTO 381: Here's a great customized Lt. Wade from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" submitted to us by Bac Si, complete with Wade headsculpt. This is definately one cool medic. In this set, he also throws in his Tom Hanks & Vic Morrow figures. Great stuff!

PHOTO 382: Here's a nice shot sent in by WhiskeyBravo1 of his WWII Americans on recon in a captured German Schwimmwagen.

PHOTO 383: Here's two very cool customzied WWII 82nd Airborne troopers submitted to us by Ultimate Soldier. The painted faces on these figures are just too cool. Definately a must see!

PHOTO 384: Here's a great single shot submitted to us by Captain Tompson of his Marines looking for the extraction point. Real cool!

PHOTO 385: Well troops, our old friend silent DEATH is back with more of his cool troops. This time some customized Modern Navy SEAL Jungle Ops troops. What can I say? Simply awesome! You won't want to miss these!

PHOTO 386: Ever wanted to know what the Schwimmwagen looks like floating in the water? Well, thanks to one of our new recruits, Noisy Cricket, you now get that chance. He throws it in his pool, so it stands out. Very nice.

PHOTO 387: Here's some very nice customized Sams sent in by Papa Alpha Charlie. You definately won't want to miss these photos, especially his cool WWII era Germans!

PHOTO 388: Here's a neat WWII photo shot and story submitted to us by Private Ponke. Some very nice work here from this fellow, so be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 389: Here's some nice shots from one of our younger recruits, SWAT Guy, of some his troops in action. Some very nice stuff in this set for sure. Be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 390: Here's three outstanding photos sent in by G. Harris of his WWII era custom Kettenrad, AA Gun, and 1/6th scale building. Without a doubt, some of the finest WWII photos I've ever seen. A must see!

PHOTO 391: Here's some great WWII special effects photos sent in by Point Man. He's wonderfully mimiced the old French '40s style photography. He even includes a photo of himself and his boss on NATO exercises. Definately a photo set you won't want to miss.

PHOTO 392: Here's two cool shots submitted to us by Bravo Charlie of his cool desert soldier on display. Very nice work so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 393: Well troops, Madman sends us in a terrific custom villain for us all to drool over. Be sure to check out the "Mad Bomber".

PHOTO 394: Here's a neat 'big' photo shoot sent in by one of our younger troops, Pvt. Mellish, entitled "Living Room Wars". It looks like he had lots of fun, so be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 395: Here's a cool group of shots entitled "Odds & Ends" sent in by our old friend String. This time he gives us a custom modern Stinger team, a Special Forces guy, and a very cool WWII German. Awesome!

PHOTO 396: Here's a terrific photo shoot sent in by our old friends, Pumpkinking44 and Alpha Wolf. In this wonderful shoot he gives us an awesome Vietnam firebase. A must see!

PHOTO 397: Well, Checkmate King 2 is back troops! This time, the new 21st Century M2 customzied and mounted atop a Recon Vehicle. Awesome stuff for sure! You won't want to miss it!

PHOTO 398: Here's some more great stuff from silentDEATH! This time he takes those great Modern SEALs from his last photo shoot off display and puts them in the field. Awesome! What more can I say?

PHOTO 399: Here's some great shots of a customized WWII German Kettenkrad submitted to us by Devil 505. He also starts a story line to an ongoing WWII saga, so definately check these out! You won't want to miss them.

PHOTO 400: Well troops, One Shot is back! This time with some of his finest work in my opinion. A Jungle Ops SEAL in action. A must see!!