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PHOTO 2201: Voodoo sends is in some cool "nightvision" shots of his modern Delta snatch team in action. Very cool set here and of course his Delta boys are very sharp. So be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 2202: Zoliman is back with another cool set featuring his Marines from various eras in some cool action shots. Check out those terrific underwater photos. Too cool. You won't want to miss this one.

PHOTO 2203: Boogermiester sends us in some shot of some of his customized Waffen SS Germans on display. Wow, nice work BM! If you're a fan of the WW2 German troops you will not want to miss this set.

PHOTO 2204: Vtkljnky sends us some cool outdoor action shots of a bunch of his modern troopers. A cool Scout on motorbike and much more. Be sure to check this one out if you like those modern troopers. Great stuff!

PHOTO 2205: Fellow trooper Rakkassan send in a few shots of his awesome customized/kitbashed modern 75th Ranger figure. Too cool! A must see!

PHOTO 2206: Mattlocke sends us in a few shots of his customized Vuetnam Navy SEAL out in the field. Nice work here all the way around so be sure to check him out.

PHOTO 2207: Our old friend Gunner's Mate send in some outstanding shots of his WW2 Marines coming ashore on some beach in the Pacific. Some great set ups and scenes in this set. Must see stuff here for all you PTO fans.

PHOTO 2208: C. Martin sends in a few shot of his custom comicbook hero THE BADGER. Nice work here fro all you comic Badger fans, so be sure to check him out.

PHOTO 2209: Fellow trooper Kito sends in some shots of his 1/6th scale vehicle projects in his back yard. None are finished yet but you can already see how cool they are going to be when completed. Included here are a tank, helicopter,,and jet fighter. Inspiring stuff for all you scratch builders out there.

PHOTO 2210: Tank Mechanic sends us in another update on that cool Stuart tank project he's been working on. A custonizing master here at work for sure. Don't miss this one.

PHOTO 2211: Another fantastic customized modern 75th Ranger here from Rakkassan. A must see if I may say so. Be sure to check out this cool SAWgunner.

PHOTO 2212: It looks like our old friend Graeylin is working on customizing an American Stuart tank for use in his Japanese army. Some shots of that project here in progress.

PHOTO 2213: Zoliman is back with some great outdoor shots of his modern British SAS in action. Don't miss this one!

PHOTO 2214: LarryT sends us in a few shots of jis troops. One the Ultimate Soldier 75th Ranger out in the field and the other his cool custom captured Saddam figure. Mice stiff so be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 2215: A Happy Halloween card from our old friend Deports!

PHOTO 2216: A littl;e Halloween shoot here from Kaber entitled Dawn of the Dead!

PHOTO 2217: Here's another by me GreenLeader. The Punk band the Misfits in a video for their song "Dig up her Bones". Happy Halloween!!!!

PHOTO 2218: More great WW2 stuff here from old buddy Joe G. Here we get his 4th armored avanced scout patrol complete with some great looking armor and troops. Don't miss it! A great WW2 outdoor shoot without a doubt.

PHOTO 2219: Tacklbery sends in 3 cool photos of his Field Of Armor WW2 German Tiger Tank on display. Awesome!!! Thanks Tack!

PHOTO 2220: Our old friend Kaber is back with another of his stunning top fuel dragsters. Completely scratch built of course. See his two Hot Wheels sponsered cars going head to head here in some spectacular action shots all to a tune by Metallica! Awesome!

PHOTO 2221: One of Merrill's Mauraders out in the field from old friend Zoliman. Be sure to check this cool figure out!

PHOTO 2222: Two awesome customized WW2 German cold weather Fallschirmjagers from the Ukraine, circa 1943 sent in by Duralumin. MUST SEE!

PHOTO 2223: New World Man is back with some awesome outdoor shots of his modern ATV weapons carrier and rider. Very very nice photos here. So be sure to check this one out.

PHOTO 2224: Voodoo sends in a few shots of his modern D-boys on their Littlebird copter. Great work here so be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 2225: Joe G.sends in some cool shots of the DESIMONE WW2 Sherman tank made bu James DeSimone. A great looking 1/6th vehicle here. Joe even puts it in a few shots with the 21st Stuart so you can see the size difference. Thanks Joe!

PHOTO 2226: BC Ries sends in some action shots of jis 21st Century Toys PAK 40 cannon out in the field with his German troops. Excellent work here, don't miss it!

PHOTO 2227: Pinguin sends in a couple cool outdooe shots of his 2 Stuart Tanks in action. Also a shot of his collection displayed in his room. Cool pics so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 2228: TC sends in a few great out door shots of his modern vehicles including Bradley fighting vehicle the SEAL Jeep and the Hasbro Humvee taking the star role. Great work here!

PHOTO 2229: Mac is back with some cool outdoor shots of his WW2 British paratroopers in action. Great looking Brits here so don't miss them.

PHOTO 2230: Here we get some of Flame Kettle's great looking WW2 British paratroopers on display. A sharp looking bunch for sure. Don't miss them.

PHOTO 2231: Some awesome shots from Zoliman of his WW2 troops scaling the cliffs on D-Day. Must see stuff again from Zman!

PHOTO 2232: Boogermiester is back with more of his beautiful customizing work. Here we get an awesome Vietanm era Mike Force trooper posing outdoors. Very cool!

PHOTO 2233: Pistol Pete sends in a bunch of his cool WW2 Battle Of the Bulge Americans on display. Great stuff here, don't miss it.

PHOTO 2234: Graeylin sends in a few shots of his WW2 Japanese troops at their headquarters, a bombed out building. Some great looking customized IJA figures here in some cool set ups. Be sure to check this great set out.

PHOTO 2235: Herdsman sends in some awesome out door shots of jis Wildgeese going up against some Simbas. A great looking bunch of photos here so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 2236: Our old friend Gunner's Mate is back, this time with some WWII Japanese in some action shots. Here we get his Sniper & Spotter. More great stuff from Gunner's Mate, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 2237: Our old friend Mikey is back with one of his cool customized figures. Here we get one of his fantasy creations called El Cazador, an ex Navy SEAL turned Mercenary. A cool looking figure here, so be sure to check him out.

PHOTO 2238: Our old friend Zoliman is back with another one of his cool customized kitbashed figures. Here we get a WWI Australian Light Horseman. Cool! Be sure to check him out!

PHOTO 2239: Kaber sends us in some cool shots of two of his garage mechanics, Tom & Gung Ho working on their Hemmy engine. Which they are eventually going to slap into a dragster. Some cool shots here from Kaber, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 2240: MAC is back some awesome shots of his WW2 German paratroopers out in the field with their vehicles. Must see stuff here so don't miss it.

PHOTO 2241: Zoliman sends in some outstanding black and white photos of his WW2 Marines fighting on Iwo Jima. Another fantastic set here from Zoliman, you won't want to miss it.

PHOTO 2242: Desert Dog 197 sends in a few shots of his modern cold weather troops on a humvee patrol in the snow. Nice snow shoot here so be sure to check it out.,

PHOTO 2243: A great looking modern British Royal Marine figure here from AJ. Be sure to take a peek at him.

PHOTO 2244: Ilaf returns with another one of his great biker gang projects. Here we get his completely scratch built 1968 Harley three wheeled trike. A beautiful piece of work here all the way around. Also included is a shot of Ilaf's 1/1 scale Harley trike.

PHOTO 2245: AJ sends us in somemore great snaps of his cool looking multibrand kitbashed modern British Rotal Marine working in the middle-east. Some nice outdoor shots of him here. So be sure to check this cool Brit out.

PHOTO 2246: Fellow trooper Mac sends us some shots of his WW2 Pacific Japanese and Marines in the field. Some cool looking multi-brand kitbashed figures here so don't miss them..

PHOTO 2247: Fellow trooper Desert Dog 197 sends us in some cool shots of his custom KISS rock band figures playing their classic song God Of Thunder. Very cool stuff, especially for you KISS fans. So be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 2248: Our old friend Steve Wood returns with some cool shots of his two customized Hasbro Modern Humvee vehicles. He's added a woodland camo paint job and new 21st Century Toys weaponry. Must see stuff here.

PHOTO 2249: Our old friend Gray Ghost 6 returns with a few cool multi brand kitbashed Modern Desert US 3rd Special Forces figures that he's been working on, all very sharp looking. As a bonus, he adds a shot of his display room featuring a host of great looking Modern Desert troops. You won't want to miss this one!

PHOTO 2250: Our old friend Lightfighter is back with more great projects he's been working on. Included here is his Modern Medivac ATV that can be slingloaded under a Littlebird or transported in a trailer. Also we get more of Lightfighter's great customized Littlebirds in this set and more of his great looking troops. So be sure to check this one out!