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PHOTO 2251: Fellow trooper Basher212 sends us in a bunch of cool shots of his Task Force 20 Special Operations team comprised of operators from different military groups, such as SEALs, Rangers, etc. Some cool multibrand kitbashed modern figures here for sure.

PHOTO 2252: Fellow trooper Roy Bixer sends us in a couple cool scenic shots of a couple of his Modern troops in action. Really nice photo composition in both of these, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 2253: Fellow trooper Voodoo returns with a bunch of cool shots of his Modern Special Forces in action in the desert. Some really great shots of him here with their TOW missile launcher and in their foxholes. Some terrific looking Modern US desert figures here for sure.

PHOTO 2254: Fellow trooper 101st Airborne sends us in a few shots of two of his customized WWII figures on display. Here we get a sharp looking US 101st Paratrooper and a British Commando. Nice work here, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 2255: Our old friend 11B1SG returns with a couple cool WWII projects. Here we get his customized DDay "Filthy Thirteen" US Paratroopers and his WASP women pilots. Two great projects here, so don't miss them!

PHOTO 2256: Our old friend Mikey is back with another one of his cool projects. Here we get his Modern British SAS and their customized 21st Century Toys Super Jeep. Some terrific projects here all around, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 2257: Our old friend Gunner's Mate returns with a cool photo set featuring his WWII Marines in a beach assault. Some very cool WWII Marine shots here, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 2258: Basher212

PHOTO 2259: Vincent

PHOTO 2260: Sgt. Schwenke

PHOTO 2261: More awesome customizing work from our old friend Fallschirmartz here. This time we get his prize winning customized Kublewagen. WOW!!!! "Must see" stuff here without a doubt. Way too cool! Don't miss this one.

PHOTO 2262: Ilaf

PHOTO 2263: DaBronx Commando

PHOTO 2264: Our old friend Gunner's Mate returns with more of his cool WW2 Japanese figures in the field. Featured here is his LMG team and his beach observation post. Cool photos here all around, so don't miss them.

PHOTO 2265: Here we get more shots of Zoliman's great looking WW2 Marines in action. Some sharp outdoor jungle pics here without a doubt. Also featured in this set is his WW2 Marine stationed on the Island of Corregidor. Great stuff so be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 2266: Fellow trooper from Austria Peter Beinwachs returns with more of his cool figures. Here we get some WW2 Germans and some of his Villain figures in action and on display. Sahrp work here so DO check them out.

PHOTO 2267: Boogermiester

PHOTO 2268: PFC Chalkley

PHOTO 2269: Fallschirmartz

PHOTO 2270: Tank Mechanic

PHOTO 2271: Desert Dog 197

PHOTO 2272: The Specialist

PHOTO 2273: Graeylin

PHOTO 2274: Gunner's Mate

PHOTO 2275: Zoliman

PHOTO 2276: Mikey

PHOTO 2277: AJ

PHOTO 2278: Gunner's Mate

PHOTO 2279: Flame Kettle

PHOTO 2280: Point Man

PHOTO 2281: TC

PHOTO 2282: Deports

PHOTO 2283: BC Ries

PHOTO 2284: Boogermiester

PHOTO 2285: Gunner's Mate

PHOTO 2286: OSB Locust

PHOTO 2287: The Highwayman

PHOTO 2288: Hobbyteam Vater & Sohn

PHOTO 2289: Sarge94Recon

PHOTO 2290: Desert Dog 197

PHOTO 2291: BC Ries

PHOTO 2292: Kaber

PHOTO 2293: Boogermiester

PHOTO 2294: PFC Chalkley

PHOTO 2295: Zoliman

PHOTO 2296: Zoliman

PHOTO 2297: Fallschirmartz

PHOTO 2298: GreenLeader

PHOTO 2299: Boogermiester

PHOTO 2300: Cpt. Winters