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PHOTO 301:Here's another cool photos page submission by Groundpounder. This time he gives us a great customized Vietnam Platoon Leader. Very cool!

PHOTO 302:One Shot's nephews, Tracer & Sgt. Buck are back with 4 more cool shots of their Vietnam soldier in action! Nice work, so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 303:Well guys, One Shot is back. This time with a WWII BAR Gunner in vintage black & white style. Real cool!

PHOTO 304:More shots from Lightfighter for you troops! This time he sends us in some cool shots of his SWAT team members, a single shot of his SPEC OPS members, and one more single shot of two SEAL team members. Great stuff, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 305:Well troops, Gunners Mate is back again. This time in a big way with an outstanding photo shoot of some Korean War UDTs blowing a bridge. Awesome!

PHOTO 306:Here's a little picture of Point Man and his Platoon Leader, Lt. Palmer. (A larger version of his Meet the Troops photo).

PHOTO 307:Well troops, the moment you've been waiting for. Our old friend Captain Fisher is finally back. And you won't believe what he's doing now! He gives us 8 outstanding photos; 4 WWII, 3 Vietnam, and 1 modern soldier that you definitely will not want to miss! Simply amazing!

PHOTO 308:Ok, here we have Part II of "The Last of the Mocho de Montes" submitted to us by String. If you saw his last photo shoot, then I'm sure you won't be disappointed in these. They get better and better all the time! So be sure to check out this cool modern action saga.

PHOTO 309:Here's some very cool shots of a modern team under fire submitted to us by Bravo04Tango. He even gives us a great story line to boot! So be sure to check these out. Great stuff!

PHOTO 310:Here's 5 terrific shots submitted to us by Enous of some of his modern soldiers in the field. Definitely some great work here to view troops! You won't want to miss them.

PHOTO 311:Another great group of shots by Devil 505 for you troops. This time a bunch of his Sams on recon in the rain. Handmade ponchos and everything! Too cool!

PHOTO 312:You won't want to miss these great shots of Drone 32's customized WWII Afrika Korps soldiers. He did a terrific job on them!

PHOTO 313:And you definitely won't want to miss this Vietnam RTO also submitted by Drone 32. One of the finest I've seen!

PHOTO 314:Well troops, our old friend Treadhead after all this time finally got some pictures to us, and you won't be disappointed. He gives us 7 great shots of a Vietnam era Convoy Escort MUTT. It's only on display, but this vehicle is killer looking, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 315:Here's a very cool black & white photo submitted to us by Blackhawk 7 depicting a Modern Ranger coming to the aid of a downed pilot. Very very cool!

PHOTO 316:Here we have a great WWII era photo shoot sent into us by X minus One. A very nice story and some very cool shots of some American Rangers and German Infantry in action.

PHOTO 317:Here's three really cool customized soldiers sent in by Awesome Wally. Two Vietnam and one WWII German. Some sharp looking soldiers for sure!

PHOTO 318:Here are 10 great shots of some custom soldiers sent in by SEAL6. Very very sharp, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 319:Well Minuteman is back at in again troops. This time with another one of his outstanding fully customized soldiers! Here we have a Latvian Anti-terrorist Sniper that you won't want to miss! Special thanks to Minuteman for sending this in and sharing it with us.

PHOTO 320:Here's 6 terrific shots of a customized Modern soldier entitled "War on Drugs" submitted by Ghillie-Ops. You'll also find pictures of the new sniper rifle set in here. Cool!

PHOTO 321:Well troops, Private Mellish finally sends us some pictures in. This time we get a Desert Spec Ops soldier in the SOTW chocolate chip uniform. Be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 322:Well here's a little photo shoot sent in by Small Soldier of his interpretation of the now famous moment where Elian is being snatched away by an agent. Great job!

PHOTO 323:Here's a very nice WWII photo shoot submitted to us by one of our Canadian troopers, Slack. Nine great shots that you won't want to miss for sure!

PHOTO 324:Here we have a first time photo page submission sent in by OpFor Duck. He gives us 7 great shots of his modern troops in the field and one cool weapon custom. Cool stuff, so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 325:Well troops, our old buddy Groundpounder is back again, this time with a great shot of a kitbashed WWII MP, and a nice shot of the Urban SWAT team guy right out of the box. Be sure to click on either picture to visit his site for more cool stuff.

PHOTO 326:Ok troops, here's three more pictures by silent DEATH. A larger version of one you've seen already, a different version of one you're seen already, and a totally new picture. So be sure to check these out. As usual, they're awesome!

PHOTO 327:Here we've got some great WWII action scenes submitted to us by Napalm in the AM of his Ranger D & E Companies at Ponte du Hoc, Normandy France on D-Day. Awesome stuff for sure!

PHOTO 328:Well troops, String is back with part 3 of "The Last of the Mocho de Montes". You definitely won't want to miss it, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 329:Papa Alpha Charlie sends us in a shot of his Sam wearing the new Hot Toys Chemical Warfare outfit. Very cool!

PHOTO 330:Here we have 15 great shots submitted by Gunners Mate of a few of his customized soldiers. There's some great looking Sams in here including a 1/6th scale version of Gunners Mate himself, so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 331:Well troops, our favorite Seabee, Checkmate King 2 is back. This time 5 cool shots of his Howitzer cannon that he got from Pumpkinking44. Awesome!

PHOTO 332:Another photo shoot here by Enous. This time we have 5 cool shots of his Special Night Ops team. Definitely some cool looking troopers in this set.

PHOTO 333:Here we get 11 great shots sent in by our good friend, One Shot, entitled "Johnny Fierce, Man of Adventure". The photos don't really fit the rules page, but being a long time adventure team fan, I just couldn't resist. Plus, the photos are just plain awesome! Special thanks to One Shot for sending them in and sharing them with us.

PHOTO 334:Well troops, here's a first time submitter to the photos page, Deports. He gives us 12 outstanding shots of a very cool looking villain, SWAT team, and Federal Agent that you definitely will not want to miss. Very very cool!

PHOTO 335:Ok troops, here's another great special effects shot sent in by Sgt. Schultz, entitled "Propaganda". I definitely highly recommend you looking at this photo. It's a great one!

PHOTO 336:Our favorite Seabee is back! This time Checkmate King 2 gives us 14 great shots of some SEALs in Vietnam. Outstanding stuff here guys. A definite must see! It was hard for me to choose my favorite photo, but I think Lt. Lance in the water is a killer shot. Special thanks to CK2 for sending these in and sharing them with us.

PHOTO 337:More great stuff by Lightfighter for you troops! This time he sends us in some great looking assorted kitbashes and a very cool custom SWAT HUMVEE in progress. Definitely some sharp looking modern soldiers here!

PHOTO 338:More cool stuff from Gunners Mate! This time some modern Desert SEAL Snipers, Afghan Rebels, a mean looking villain, and a cool looking WWII guy. So be sure to check these out!

PHOTO 339:Here we have four awesome shots sent in by Alpha Wolf of his SEAL team 4 members all wrapped up in a little story for you. Definitely a must see. Outstanding photos!

PHOTO 340:Here's a couple great looking Desert soldiers sent in by our good friend, Groundpounder. His works just keeps getting better and better. You definitely won't want to miss these sharp looking soldiers. Be sure to click on any of the pictures to visit Groundpounder's Hootch.

PHOTO 341:Here's a very cool single shot of a modern Army Ranger sent in by Stealth the Sniper. Definitely one of his best pictures to date, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 342:Here's three shots of a customized Sniper SEAL team submitted to us by SeaWarrior. He's customized the suits and the weapons, so be sure to check out these cool photos.

PHOTO 343:Well, here's some more Captain Fisher photos for you troops. This time, two more great shots of his customized Airborne troops and a single shot of the Captain's workshop where he puts these great looking soldiers together. Definitely a must see!

PHOTO 344:Well here's an outstanding super customized mercenary character sent in by Hellhound. This is definitely one custom figure you won't want to miss. Awesome!

PHOTO 345:Here's a great couple of photos sent in by three of our younger troops, Freebee37, Viron_X, & Ravenclaw46. They give us a very cool shot of the Little Bird in flight and a nice group shot of themselves with their troops. So be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 346:Ok troops, here's the first installment of a brand new America's Finest story submitted to us by One Shot. Awesome! So be sure to check it out. Special thanks to One Shot for sending it in and sharing it with us.

PHOTO 347:S. Cunningham sends us in 3 terrific shots of his custom action figure interpretation of the comic book hero, Sgt. Fury. Very cool!

PHOTO 348:Well troops, Devil 505 is back again. This time with an outstanding story of a Modern Desert Rescue mission. Great stuff!

PHOTO 349:Ok troops, here's another great super custom figure by our old friend Minuteman. You definitely will not want to miss this Russian Kretchet (Falcon) Spetsnaz trooper. Awesome!

PHOTO 350:Here's a first time photo submission by String's son, String II. For his first try he gives us 8 great shots of the camo. schwimmwagen and a bunch of cool looking Axis & Allied soldiers. Very neat!