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PHOTO 4301: Here we get another one of Pvt. Mel's awesome indoor diorama setups. This one is entitled "The Feldmarschall drives by". Of course some shots here of a German outpost as the German officer drives by in his Kublewagen. Mel always adds some great details to these setups. Must see stuff in my opinion!

PHOTO 4302: More of Zman's great looking modern era troops from Afghanistan here. This time, some cool Army Rangers. As always, some great looking figures and gear setups from ol' Zman. If you're into the modern stuff, you won't want to miss checking out these guys!

PHOTO 4303: Ghost Recon sends us in a few "Scenes from Vietnam" featuring some of his Vietnam era projects including the Little Bird Helicopter and some various Spec Ops SEAL types in the jungles. He's used a cool jungle poster for the background of this and set up his figures in front of it to make them look like they're really deep in the jungles... cool!

PHOTO 4304: Fellow trooper Jimmy Pivo sends us in some living room shots of his modern 10th Mountain Division troops, as they stand right now. He's been building up a group of them and here we get some shots of them alongside some of their vehicles, including the Bradley fighting vehicle.

PHOTO 4305: Zman is back with more of his modern era kitbashed/ customized troops. This time, a British SAS SCUD hunter from the first Gulf War. A great looking figure here in my opinion, one of my favs from him, so be sure to take a peek at it.

PHOTO 4306: Fellow trooper JCast is back with the cool part two of his terrific new Adventure Team photos comic "Operation Spider Trap", continued from photo set 4295. If you're into the Adventure Team and spy stuff, then you won't want to miss this cool comic!

PHOTO 4307: Okimbored sends us in part one of his new WWII era photo comic "Blitzkrieg, 1940". Featured in this set are some of his great looking French civilians and of course... some Germans. A very cool beginning to this comic, so be sure to check this one out!

PHOTO 4308: Fellow trooper Gun Shy sends us in his first issue of Gunnie's Phunnies, all done in movie file format on video, featuring various 21st stuff and narrated by himself. This first issue focuses on his customized 21st Century M5 Stuart tank. Here he gives you a few ideas on customizing. Great stuff, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 4309: Hogie309 returns with another one his WWII Town of Marwencol episodes, continued from photo set 4296. This one is entitled "Fire and Water" and features a downed British pilot and some Marines armed with a flame thrower. As always, more fantastic photos from Hogie, you won't want to miss checking this one out!

PHOTO 4310: Okimbored is back with part two of his cool WWII era photos comic "Blitzkrieg 1940", continued from photo set 4307. This one sort of stops for lack of new characters, but he's done a great job so far. You won't want to miss it!

PHOTO 4311: Fellow trooper Zman is back with more of his great modern era troops. This time some shots of a great looking US Marine and Army Ranger from Afghanistan. More great looking figures here from ol' Zman, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 4312: Fellow trooper 101 AB Sniper sends us in an update on this 1/6th scale Stryker project that is being built for him. Just a few photos of the hammered steel hull in its early form and then a bunch of 1/1 scale reference shots of the Stryker.

PHOTO 4313: Hogie309 returns with the next episode of his WWII Town of Marwencol saga, continued from photo set 4309. In this episode entitled "A Belgian Spring", Chairborne warns Warriors USO band to lay low because there's a sniper in the area and we are introduced to a new character by the name of Red Julie, or just simply Red. More great stuff from Hogie, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 4314: Our old friend Kaber is back with chapter one of his new GI Joe Adventure Team comic "Project Pilgrim". We go back in time to 1968 and the beginning of the space race. It looks like the Adventure Team has a tough assignment to the moon!

PHOTO 4315: Fellow trooper Zman is back with more of his cool modern troops. This time, a Navy Corpsman in action in Iraq and some Marines in the 2nd battle of Fallujah. As always, great gear setups and great looking figures here all around. So be sure to take a peek at them!

PHOTO 4316: Gun Shy sends us in episode two of his new video series "Gunny's Phunnies" featuring various 21st products. This episode features Gun Shy's customized German Kettenkrad and motorcycle and sidecar. This one is filled with some cool work and some great ideas that you can put into operation for your own projects.

PHOTO 4317: Hogie309 is back with his newest WWII Town of Marwencol episode entitled "Play the Dirtiest", continued from photo set 4313. In this episode, we learn that there's a spy in the town of Marwencol and also some of Hogencamp's men move in to capture the German officer, Himmler.

PHOTO 4318: Fellow trooper Kaber is back with part two of his cool new Adventure Team comic, Project Pilgrim, continued from photo set 4314. More great stuff here from Kaber. If you're into that vintage GI Joe Adventure Team, this is must see stuff here for sure!

PHOTO 4319: Haz

PHOTO 4320: Sgt. Brasso

PHOTO 4321: Firefox1435

PHOTO 4322: Pvt. Mel

PHOTO 4323: Kaber continued from photo set 4318

PHOTO 4324: Gun Shy

PHOTO 4325: Zman

PHOTO 4326: Kaber continued from photo set 4323

PHOTO 4327: Pvt. Mel is back with a little follow up to his last photo shoot from photo set 4322 where the SS had captured some Resistance fighters. It looks like the cavalry is coming to the rescue, so to speak, in this shoot. More great work here from Mel, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 4328: Firefox1435 sends us in another one of his cool Soviet Counter terrorist operatives. A great gear setup and uniform pieces on this figure, which just makes for a very sharp looking project. If you're into those modern Ruskies, then you won't want to miss this one!

PHOTO 4329: Zman

PHOTO 4330: Okimbored continued from photo set 4310

PHOTO 4331: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4317

PHOTO 4332: Kaber

PHOTO 4333: Tank Mechanic

PHOTO 4334: Sgt. Brasso

PHOTO 4335: Dewback Matt

PHOTO 4336: Gun Shy

PHOTO 4337: Kaber continued from photo set 4332

PHOTO 4338: Okimbored continued from photo set 4330

PHOTO 4339: Dewback Matt

PHOTO 4340: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4331

PHOTO 4341: Kaber continued from photo set 4337

PHOTO 4342: One Shot

PHOTO 4343: Gun Shy

PHOTO 4344: Kaber, continued from photo set 4341

PHOTO 4345: Scott Merry

PHOTO 4346: Firefox 1435

PHOTO 4347: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4340

PHOTO 4348: Kaber continued from photo set 4344

PHOTO 4349: The Highwayman

PHOTO 4350: Gun Shy