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PHOTO 451: Here's 4 terrific shots of the new Hasbro 40MM Anti Aircraft gun manned by a Sam & Joe crew submitted to us by Gunners Mate. Very cool!

PHOTO 452: Here's a nice customized figure set submitted to us by Mikey. He gives us the full "A-Team" from the famous television show. Be sure to check these out!

PHOTO 453: Here's an outstanding collaboration project submitted to us by Groundpounder and Buzz. You won't want to miss this great Vietnam photo story. Awesome!! Special thanks to Buzz and Groundpounder for sharing these with us.

PHOTO 454: Here's some terrific photos sent in by new recruit, Odd Ball. He gives us several shots of his 21st Century Kettenkrads and troops towing his 1/5th scale German fighter plane. For all you WWII guys, this is a must see!

PHOTO 455: Here's some terrific shots sent in by fellow troopers, Nate Strong & Jeff Postema. They got a little active with Photo Shop and give us a couple terrific shots entitled "Scenes from WWII". Awesome!

PHOTO 456: Well guys, Devil 505 is back! This time with a huge photo story entitled "The General's Visit". Devil 505 pulls his whole motor pool for this one so there's lots of great vehicles including the M1A1 tank and his Pavehawk helicopter. For all you modern soldier fans out there, this is an absolute must see!

PHOTO 457: Well troops, Minuteman is back again with another one of those great customized soldiers. This time, an Italian Nucleo Operativo Centrale Di Sicurezze (NOCS) Anti-Terrorist Operator. An absolute must see!

PHOTO 458: Here's a terrific customized police motorcyclist and bike submitted to us by SWAT 1. I'm sure you guys will all agree this is too cool.

PHOTO 459: Here's four terrific photos of some modern desert soldiers posing and on manuevers submitted to us by Ghillie Ops Gal. Definitely some fine work here troops that you won't want to miss.

PHOTO 460: Well troops, Ghillie Ops is back, and this time with a mind blowing photo shoot! Here he gives you a full 1/6th scale MK V Special Operations Craft used by the SEALs. Too incredible for words, you have to see it to believe it!

PHOTO 461: Here's a nice photo story sent in by two of our younger recruits, SWAT Team 6 & SEAL Team 6, entitled "Downed Pilot". Cool stuff, so be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 462: Here's a terrific villain kitbash submitted by our old friend Deports. You definitely won't want to miss "Simon the Villain". Tough!

PHOTO 463: Well Lightfighter is back again, and this he's got some kitbashed gun smuggler villains, along with a custom gun crate filled with guns! Cool stuff!

PHOTO 464: Here's some great shots of some modern SEALs and some Spec Ops guys in action submitted to us by Kilos Devil Dog. Very nice work!

PHOTO 465: Well, our old friend Ultimate Soldier sends in some sneak peek shots of the new Ultimate Soldier blister carded figures; the arctic sniper, jungle sniper, and the MAC V SOG. Be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 466: Well troops, here's a cool WW2 photo story sent in by two of our fellow soldiers, Oddball & Panzer Jager. The team effort really pays off. So be sure to check out this terrific photo set.

PHOTO 467: Well guys Pointman is back. This time with more of those special effects photos. You won't want to miss these 3 awesome shots entitled "Scenes from WWII". Too cool!

PHOTO 468: Here are 4 great photos sent in by Exodious. One heck of a cool Vietnam era SEAL team complete with camo face paint. Very sharp! Be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 469: Here we get 2 very cool SEAL Team 6 members sent in by Lone Wolf. He multi-brand kitbashed these guys together. Awesome! Some of the coolest SEAL Team 6 guys I've seen.

PHOTO 470: Old friend Ultimate Soldier is back with another one of his sneak previews for us! This time for our enjoyment, you get the new 21st Century Toys NVA figure. This is not a prototype, it's the way it's going to look when you get it. It's the "Real Deal!"

PHOTO 471: Well troops, Pointman is back again! This time he gives us some great shots of a few photos he took while on R & R of some modern troops doing a little training. Definitely a must see!

PHOTO 472: Here's part IV of String's modern saga "The Last of the Mocho de Montes". This time he includes some very nice shots of a modern mortar team. Awesome stuff!

PHOTO 473: Here's 4 nice shots submitted to us by Mark V of his Jungle Ops SEAL and a sniper figure. Cool stuff, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 474: Our favorite secret agent, oo7 is back again. This time with some great shots of a Vietnam era fire fight! oo7's shots just keep getting better and better, so be sure to check these out!

PHOTO 475: SEAL6 is back again troops! This time a terrific photo shoot of some modern troops on exercises. He throws 3 of his Dragon figures in some 21st Century modern uniforms and combines that with some great action photos! Cool!

PHOTO 476: Well Panzer Jager and Oddball are back with another great photo shoot for us. This time a terrific photo story entitled "Overboard". You WWII Navy fans won't want to miss this one! Awesome!

PHOTO 477: Here's a few shots of the new SOTW Navy Shore Patrol Jeep. I grabbed a few of my sailor Sams and took some photos for you guys so you could check it out.

PHOTO 478: Here's a cool female operative figure sent in by Gumbo. Definitely one tough babe! Be sure to check her out!

PHOTO 479: Here's two great WWII photos sent in by Rick. All done in a black and white vintage style. Very cool!

PHOTO 480: Here's two great custom WWII soldiers submitted by Pointman. No special effects work on his photos this time, but there's lots of great customizing. So be sure to check out this cool wounded German soldier and BlackWatch Highlander.

PHOTO 481: Here's two great customized soldiers based on a couple of the figures in the kitbash section submitted by Papa Alpha Charlie. A very sharp KFOR Peacekeeper and a cool Blackhawk Down Ranger with saw (no, not the gun, the cutting tool). Really great stuff!

PHOTO 482: Here's a great customized APC vehicle sent in by Lonestar7. Pictures of it in Vietnam and pictures of it in a modern setting. Definitely a must see!

PHOTO 483: Here's some cool shots sent in by Alaskan Assassin of his SEAL sniper in position. Be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 484: Here's a cool little photo story submitted by SEAL Assault 28 of a chopper pilot rescue. He gives us eight great modern action shots, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 485: Here's a terrific custom Vietnam trooper sent in by silent DEATH. One of the finest I've seen, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 486: Here's another great photo set by silent DEATH of one of the finest ghillie suited snipers I've ever seen. A definite must see!

PHOTO 487: Here's a nice single shot submitted to us by One Shot of his modern Marine recon trooper. He even throws in some special effects to the original photo and creates a second one for us. Cool!

PHOTO 488: Well troops, oo7 is back! You won't want to miss there terrific Vietnam photos. Our favorite secret agent man just keeps getting better and better. Very cool!

PHOTO 489: Here's a great photo story sent in by Mother Goose and Xanthorius of their modern Navy SEALs rescuing some Marine Recon troops who have been taken captive. It's 30 photos big and awesome, so be sure to check it out! (Rated PG-13 at best)

PHOTO 490: Here's some great shots of the new 21st Century Stuart tank at the newest SANDASH club meeting at Darryl DePriest's house submitted to us by One Shot. Cool!

PHOTO 491: Here's a great comic style photo set sent in by our old friend Puppetmaster. In this Part 1 of a continuing story he gets some nice shots of some villains in a shoot out with police. Great stuff, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 492: Here's another great comic book style photo set submitted to us by our fellow trooper from Belgium, Mighty Frog. This time he gives you a little WWII story that you won't want to miss! This guy has some real talent!

PHOTO 493: Here's a great part 1 story entitled "The Adventures of Traveling Pete", one of Gumbo's Big Duke Six team members as he starts a little adventure for himself. Cool!

PHOTO 494: Well guys, Deports is back! This time with the baby faced Sam as a SWAT Policeman and Wilderness firefighter. Very sharp!

PHOTO 495: Here's some outstanding shots of some medics sent in by SWAT Doc. Docs from the Spanish American War to the Gulf War! A must see!

PHOTO 496: Here's some nice custom Navy sailors sent in by Sea Warrior. Cool white dress uniform, 'plebe' parade uniform and a standard 'plebe' uniform. Very sharp!

PHOTO 497: Well oo7 is back again troops! This time with a few more cool shots for you of his Vietnam troops and some shots of his workshop. Great stuff!

PHOTO 498: Here's 4 terrific artistic shots sent in by Enous of his SEALs in action. Very cool!

PHOTO 499: Here's a terrific WWII era customized British SAS Jeep, complete with troops sent in by our old friend, Captain Fisher. 3 shots of it action, 3 shots of it in the shop, and he throws in a couple modern SAS scudhunters just for the heck of it. A must see!

PHOTO 500: More cool stuff from One Shot for you guys. This time, a couple shots of some scudhunters, a modern MP, and 3 scenes from 'Saving Private Ryan'. Excellent work as usual! Be sure to check them out!