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PHOTO 4351: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4347

PHOTO 4352: Warriors 1st BN "The Mission", continued from photo set 4198

PHOTO 4353: Zman

PHOTO 4354: Jimmy Pivo

PHOTO 4355: Pvt. Mel

PHOTO 4356: Here's the second follow up photo shoot to Mel's cool WWII setup from the previous photo set (4355). This time it looks like the battle has begun and these are the scenes from the German side.

PHOTO 4357: The Highwayman

PHOTO 4358: Cbtengr

PHOTO 4359: Fellow trooper Dewback Matt is back with the next update on his M1 Abrams tank project. Here we get some shots after he's added the wheel pegs and has sculpted his prototype for the wheel. More great stuff here from Dewback Matt without a doubt!

PHOTO 4360: Fellow trooper Cbtengr is back with another one of his comedic skit photo shoots. This one is entitled "Wrong Answer!" and plays out between a biker dude and a motorcycle cop :)

PHOTO 4361: Fellow trooper Hogie309 is back with the next episode of his WWII Town of Marwencol saga, continued from photo set 4351. This one is entitled "The Women of Marwencol get their Revenge." Captain Hogencamp sees a ghost and the Giant of Marwencol reappears, and much more. So be sure to check this one out!

PHOTO 4362: Fellow trooper 11B1SG sends us in a cool indoor diorama featuring a chaplain blessing WWII soldiers at Bastogne. A terrific indoor setup, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 4363: Pvt. Mel continued from photo set 4356

PHOTO 4364: Zman

PHOTO 4365: Dewback Matt

PHOTO 4366: Gun Shy

PHOTO 4367: Zman

PHOTO 4368: Cbtengr

PHOTO 4369: Irish 13

PHOTO 4370: Tank Mechanic

PHOTO 4371: Cbtengr

PHOTO 4372: Gun Shy

PHOTO 4373: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4361

PHOTO 4374: Pvt. Mel

PHOTO 4375: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4373

PHOTO 4376: Firefox1435

PHOTO 4377: Cbtengr

PHOTO 4378: Sabre

PHOTO 4379: Hogie309

PHOTO 4380: Firefox1435

PHOTO 4381: Hogie309

PHOTO 4382: Zman

PHOTO 4383: Point Man

PHOTO 4384: Cbtengr

PHOTO 4385: Point Man

PHOTO 4386: Sabre

PHOTO 4387: Dewback Matt

PHOTO 4388: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4381

PHOTO 4389: Ghost Recon

PHOTO 4390: Point Man "A Walk in the Woods"

PHOTO 4391: Zman

PHOTO 4392: Dewback Matt

PHOTO 4393: One Shot

PHOTO 4394: Point Man

PHOTO 4395: Pvt. Mel continued from photo set 4363

PHOTO 4396: Hogie309 continued from photo set 4388

PHOTO 4397: Point Man

PHOTO 4398: Ghost Recon

PHOTO 4399: Zman

PHOTO 4400: Gun Shy