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PHOTO 2151: Zoliman

PHOTO 2152: GoKings57

PHOTO 2153: Panzerjager and Oddball

PHOTO 2154: PeaceKeeper

PHOTO 2155: Deports

PHOTO 2156: Kev

PHOTO 2157: Vtkljnky

PHOTO 2158: Zoliman

PHOTO 2159: Lightfighter

PHOTO 2160: Steve Wood sends us in a cool photo set that seems straight from the horror movies entitled "LOST LOVE". Somebody's here has gone out of their mind. I mean WAYYYY out of their mind :) Great stuff in this photo set so be sure to check this one out.

PHOTO 2161: Deftech1 sends us in a cool single shot of his custom painted DeSimone WW2 German Hetzer Tank on display. Very nice work , so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 2162: Our old firend Buzz sends us in a cool photo set featuring his new Field Of Armor 1:6 scale WW2 German Tiger Tank. Here we get a lot of detail pics of it on display. Buzz enven throws in a shot or two of the 21st Century Toys Stuart Tank beside the Tiger so you can get a feel for the actual size of that Tiger. A Monster!! Don't miss this one!

PHOTO 2163: BC Ries returns with two cool figure projects for us. A great looking WW2 German Fallschrimjager Sniper Team. Great looking figures here so be sure to go take a peek at them. They're out in the field and everything.

PHOTO 2164: Evinfantry sends us in a few shot of his Vietnam era Marines in the field. Some sharp looking Ultimate Soldier figures sporting their Dragon uniforms. Real nice stuff so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 2165: Kaber has finally finished that '57 Chevy dragster of his and man o man what a beauty it is. A "must see" for racing fans. Awesome work here from Kaber. So be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 2166: Boogermiester sends us in another of his cool customized figures. Here we get a great looking modern British MI6 Operator. You won't want to miss him.Very cool!

PHOTO 2167: Tank Mechanic is back with another of his Stuart Tank upgrade project photo sets. Featured here the engines are added, a rework of the hatches and more. If you're thinking of customizing your own Stuart Tank this one is for you.

PHOTO 2168: Here's a new one from me, GreenLeader. Part one of my Pirate's Of the Carribean photo story entitled Bludd's Treasure. Here you're introduced to the characters, Capt, Bludd, Pistol Pete, Sea Rat, Bloody Bill, Long Jim and Ernesto the cook. I hope you like them!

PHOTO 2169: Old friends Panzerjager & Oddball are back with a cool highlight photo set from their "Tales of the Lucky Lugar" Chapter 10 photo story. Great stuff as always. You WW2 collectors won't want to miss this one.

PHOTO 2170: Our old friend Zoliman is back again with more of his cool custom figures. Here we get a very sharp looking South African Recce trooper, a Brazilian Paratrooper, and a modern Liberian rebel. Be sure to check these out! Cool!

PHOTO 2171: Friend and fellow trooper Andy Barnett from the UK returns with a couple group shots of his cool villain organization the League of the White Skull. A great looking batch of badguys here. As a bonus we get a shot the HULK beating them to a pulp :) Awesome!

PHOTO 2172: Fellow trooper Rich Fisher sends us in a few pics of his cool customized WW2 Germans, including a cold weather German, Moscow 1941, a great looking Fallschirmjager, a terrific looking SS trooper and a Corporal at Stalingrad. ALL very sharp looking so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 2173: Fellow trooper Steve Wood returns with a great photo set that can only be called a "WEIRD KNIGHT TALE". Two of his medieval knights take on something supernatural. Great stuff here, don't miss it!

PHOTO 2174: Gunner's Mate

PHOTO 2175: Rich Fisher

PHOTO 2176: TC

PHOTO 2177: Tony Ries

PHOTO 2178: New World Man

PHOTO 2179: da Bronx Commando

PHOTO 2180: Desert Dog 197

PHOTO 2181: Rich Fisher

PHOTO 2182: Joe G.

PHOTO 2183: SigSniper

PHOTO 2184: MP Scout

PHOTO 2185: SigSniper

PHOTO 2186: Herdsman

PHOTO 2187: Buzz

PHOTO 2188: Mattlocke


PHOTO 2190: 11B1SG


PHOTO 2192: Desert Dog 197

PHOTO 2193: SEAL 5

PHOTO 2194: Joe G.

PHOTO 2195: Herdsman

PHOTO 2196: Vtkljnky

PHOTO 2197: MacV Recondo

PHOTO 2198: Zoliman

PHOTO 2199: Gunner's Mate

PHOTO 2200: 11B1SG