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On this page will be custom uniforms made from nothing more than switching around this, and switching around that within the 21st Century product line to create new uniforms. Nothing other than Ultimate Soldier gear and uniforms can be used on any of these custom figures. You should be able to make them yourself, using the stuff you have in your Ultimate Soldier "only" collection. If you have an original idea for a custom Ultimate Soldier kit-bashed uniform, then be sure to submit it to me by E-mail or Snail-mail, and I'll be glad to add it to this section. Kitbash idea's can also be placed on the message board if you don't have a camera. Please take front and back photos of your kitbashed soldier where applicable. Just make sure the photos are in an "on display" position, not an action pose, so none of the detail is lost. Thanks troops!

Green Leader Overn

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Vietnam SEAL Grenadier Vietnam Marine Rifleman Vietnam Tunnel Rat TETOffensive Marine Vietnam Grenadier
Vietnam Australian Soldier Vietnam CIA Operative Vietnam PBR Chief Vietnam Marine Shotgunner Vietnam MACV Advisor
Vietnam Navy SEAL Vietnam RTO Vietnam Pointman Vietnam Paratrooper Vietnam LRRP
Vietnam Marine Force Recon Vietnam Grunt Canadian Airborne Blackhawk Down Ranger Modern Night Ops SEAL 60 Gunner
Desert Night Ops SEAL Team 6 Modern Marine Special Forces SEAL Skylight Entry SAS Chris Ryan
SWAT Sniper SWAT Desert Storm Modern Army Drill Sgt. Vietnam MACV SOG
Vietnam SEAL Vietnam SEAL Modern Special Forces Modern Sniper WWII BAR Gunner
SWAT WWII 29th Infantry Vietnam Marine 60 Gunner Modern Special Forces 1980s SEAL
Vietnam SEAL Modern CQB Modern Spec Ops WWII 101st Rifleman WWII Demolitions Expert
SPR Captain Miller Rainbow 6 Delta Force Somalia Modern Urban Infantry Modern Delta Force
Modern Ranger Jungle Ops Modern KFOR Peacekeeper Modern Desert Soldier Arctic SF Delta Force
Desert Delta Force Special  Forces Vietnam SF Rifleman/Grenadier Spec Ops Vietnam Vietnam Soldier
SEAL Target Practice Ready Half Life Kitbash SEAL Team 5 VBSS Desert Ops SEAL Modern Israeli Soldier
Vietnam Australian Mercenary Iraqi Soldier Mac V SOG Vietnam SOG Commando WWII USN Medic
SWAT Breacher Vietnam 5th Special Forces WWII German Soldier

More to Come!

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