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Incoming Message from Green Leadern

Here in this section you will find all the winners to the photo contests sponsored by the Unofficial Fan Page. Definitely some great work here! Hopefully it will inspire you. And once inspired, maybe you'll get those cameras out and take part in the next Ultimate Soldier Unofficial Fan Page Photo Contest!

Green Leader Overn

  Prize Winning Contests  

November, 2012
Good Times

November, 2011
Best Close Quarters Combat Scene

November, 2010
Best Customized Sci-Fi Themed Figure

July, 2010
Days of High Adventure

April, 2010
Best Action Scene, Focus on a Single Figure

May, 2009
Best Foreign Soldier

November, 2008
Seabees in Action

May, 2008
Best Action Photo Recreation

November, 2007
Best Mercenary

May, 2007
Acts of Courage

November, 2006
R & R (Rest and Relaxation)

May, 2006
The Unglamorous Soldier's Life Photo Contest

December, 2005
Christmas Photo Contest

November, 2005
"To The Rescue" Contest

May, 2005
Best Vehicle Action Scene

October, 2004
Your Dream 21st Boxed Set Contest

May, 2004
Best Custom Figure Photo Contest

December, 2003
Christmas Photo Contest

October, 2003
Best Action Figure Pose Contest Winners

May, 2003
War Photo Recreation Contest Winners

December 2002
Christmas Photo Contest Winners

October 2002
Best Enduring Freedom Soldier in the Field

June, 2002
Best Spec. Ops. Team in an Action Scene

December, 2001
Christmas Photo Contest Winners

November, 2001
Best Multi Figure Action Scene Contest

August, 2001
Best Action Figure Pose Contest

December, 2000
Christmas Photo Contest Winners

December, 1999
Christmas Photo Contest Winners

  Spirit Of Competition  
(No Prize Contests)

October, 2003
Best Mini-Me Photo Contest Winner

August, 2003
Best Villain Photo Contest Winner


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